Please view the pricing options below to decide which option is best suited for you. You can pick a package below or ask me for a custom quote on your project. Deposit may be required to confirm booking.

My filming rate is $175 for a half day (up to 4 hrs) and $300 for a full day (up to 8 hrs). Footage is shot in 4K on my main camera unless otherwise requested. Clients should state what equipment will be required for the shoot. Time lapse rates are the same as filming rates.

Video editing rate is $25/hr and includes access to all software available to me.

Rates double on statutory holidays, if more than 12 hours are worked in a day or if the work takes place between 1:00 AM and 8:00 AM.

All prices are in Canadian dollars. No taxes!


Sponsored Youtube video

Sponsor may choose the subject matter of the video and may provide instruction for the video. Video will be uploaded to my main YouTube channel and will state that this is a sponsored video. Video will be no more than 5 minutes in length and should relate to what the sponsor is promoting. Suggested categories included product reviews, staff interviews, workplace tours, etc.

Price: $500

BASIC Music Video

A good option for independent artists looking to get their name out there. Includes 8 hours of filming and 12 hours of editing. You will get assistance with promoting the video once it is completed.

Price: $500

Full Music Video

A music video package perfect for bands looking to get noticed in a big way. This package includes 2 days of planning, story boarding and location scouting, 2 full days of filming and 3 full days of editing. Access to all equipment included and one assistant will be on site to assist with filming and BTS photography for social media, EPK, etc.

Price: $1,300


Designed with budget in mind, this package is ideal for small business looking to draw potential customers attention to a specific product or promotion. Includes one full day on site filming or shooting and two days of editing.

Price: $550