Acceptable methods of payment include cash, checks, Interac e-Transfer and PayPal. Checks are to be made payable to Stephen Schmidt and Interac and PayPal can be sent to

For video projects where editing is involved the client will receive a watermarked version of the finished project along with a invoice, then upon full payment the finished non-watermarked video will be sent. For all other projects the payment method will be agreed upon between myself and the client.

A $80.00 late fee will be charged to clients if payment is not received within 1 month of an invoice being sent. An additional $80.00 will be charged every two weeks thereafter until full payment is received.

File Transfer

For raw footage it is suggested that if the client is taking the footage to be edited or for safe keeping, that it be transferred via USB drive to a computer. The video files are high quality and the large file size will take a long time to upload and will use a lot of bandwidth.

The preferred method of transfer for videos online is Google Drive. Files will be uploaded and send via email, or can be transferred via USB drive, DVD or Blu-ray disc.


While working, I will take one break of 15 minutes for every 4 hours worked.



Refunds will only be issued if a project cannot be finished (lost files, damaged equipment, etc). If there is a major issue with a video that needs to be addressed it will be fixed at no additional cost to the client.

Equal Opportunity Employment

I believe in equal opportunity employment and do my best to act on my beliefs but at times a very specific description must be met which retain to a persons appearance, age or talent ability. These specifications are usually set by the client.

File Storage

All video, audio or image files will be held on a hard drive for 6 months and may be deleted thereafter. It is suggested that the client keep multiple versions of the finished product in various hard drives in case of a hard drive crash. If you require longer storage times please contact me for rates.

Damaged Equipment

If equipment is damaged by a client or their associates, the client will be responsible for replacing the damaged equipment if it is deemed necessary. If I damage something I am responsible for replacing the equipment and in the case that the project cannot be continued a partial refund will be issued and another date will be arranged to finish the project.


I ask that attribution be given for all projects that I work on as it works as a means of advertising my work. In some cases I may choose to not be associated with a project, in which case I expect my privacy to be respected.

For talent employed, credit will be given when possible. In situations such as commercials and music videos, this is not always possible because there are no credits after the video. But I can always offer myself as a reference to anyone that I work with.